Keziah is the Founder and CEO of Gear for Games. Gear for Games focuses on helping young, inner city athletes who cannot pay for equipment and other sport related expenses. Her goal is to give them a chance to play! Keziah brings up two pressing statistics: “More than 70% of kids quit their sport by the age of 13” and “Only .7% of kids receive sport related college scholarships.” Keziah relates these statistics to how receiving equipment and funds motivates kids to do well. She prepares to connect with sport corporations and other individuals involved in athletics to who have access to the resources her business needs. Go Keziah!

Maggie’s business, Girls Play Philly, is a way to solve the gap that may women face in relation to sports. This would be an after school program for girls to help them develop the same passion for sports that she has! Go Maggie!