Our programs run from 6 hours to 10 days. The program outlines below show examples of the topics we cover in our summer sessions and the types of entrepreneurs your kids will meet and work with.

For summer 2019, our programs are 5 days. We start with ideation and kids picking a project that are interested in creating over the week, Day 2 we focus on market analysis and competition, Day 3 is marketing campaigns, Day 4 is business and financial planning and sessions with mentors and our last day is our Expo, where kids pitch their projects and describe their businesses. Speakers and field trips to be determine early summer.

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Program Overview:  Philadelphia


Day 1:  Idea Generation with Michelle Feldman of Keep Philadelphia Beautiful

Our kids were introduced to social entrepreneurship and were exposed to a variety of themes of work.  With the help of teachers, the kids started to identify their passions and participated in brainstorming sessions for possible project ideas. They learned to think more creatively through cooperative activities that are designed to teach them to look at things from a new perspective.  Michelle Feldman of Keep Philadelphia Beautiful worked with the kids on idea generation and shared the approaches her team uses to create new project ideas.


Day 2:  Project Determination with Sally Munemitsu of Algorythm. 

Our group learned about the world’s social problems and engaged in a Cycle of Injustice activity, to determine the most effective impact point for potential solutions and projects.  They learned about several young entrepreneurs and their work, continued brainstorming, and ultimately determined their projects.  Sally Munemitsu of Algorythm worked with the kids on applying data and market research to improve the design and implementation of their projects.



Day 3:  Market Research, Marketing and Mission Statements. 

The kids were introduced to marketing and learned about determining their target audience.  They were taught about developing marketing strategies to reach specific demographics.  Kids worked together to create a series of survey questions to poll local business owners about and take their questions to the streets during a Survey Walk.  They used the responses from the Survey Walk to help as they continue to specify their project design.  We finished the day learning about mission and vision statements and the kids wrote their own for their unique projects.



Day 4:  Resilience and Determination with Scarlett McCahill of Project Home

Kids learned about the importance of resilience and determination and ran through an interactive activity that taught them tools they need to overcome common obstacles that every entrepreneur will face.  Scarlett McCahill of Project Home presented on resilience and determination and the social enterprise mission of Project Home.


Day 5:  Apple Store: Our group visited he Apple Store and had the chance to talk with entrepreneurs Logan Cohen from Kudzoo and Nate Bronstein of SmartTrack about how to use social media to promote their projects This took place in the private second floor Executive Board Room! 


Day 6:  Business Plans with Yuval Yarden of Philly Startup Leaders

Our group learned about business models and to incorporate elements of the business model canvas into their projects.  They worked on their business plans and applied material from week one into their designs.



Day 7:  Social Media and Business Cards with Melissa Schipke of Tassl. 

Our kids learned about the power of social media and specific strategies they can use to promote and support their projects.  Melissa Schipke of Tassl presented on how she uses social media as an entrepreneur and her journey to create an innovative new app.  Kids wrapped up the day by creating business cards for their projects.


Day 8:  Presentations and Pitching with Bob Hornsby of Jobomax Global LTD

Students learned the most effective communication strategies and began preparing elevator pitches and formal presentations for their projects.  They viewed presentations by young entrepreneurs and analyzed their communication for effectiveness.  Bob Hornsby of Jobomax Global LTD worked with the kids on their pitches and presentations and shared his experiences and communication techniques he uses while running an international organization.


Day 9:  Presentation Rehearsal at the University of Pennsylvania, Oxford Mills Education Design Innovation Incubator.

Students rehearsed their presentations and met entrepreneurs who are sponsored by Penn.  Kids received feedback from the innovators, then planned the next steps for their projects and prepared for the final day expo.


Day 10:  Presentation Expo!  For an audience of community members, local business owners, educators and families, the kids shared their formal presentations!

View the video below to see an example of a superb final presentation!

Boston  Program Overview

Day 1:  Idea Generation with Caroline Mailloux of Solar Sister

         The kids were introduced to social entrepreneurship and exposed to a variety of themes of work, ranging from poverty and homelessness to environmental and technology issues.  Kids began brainstorming project ideas.  We were treated to an inspiring session with hero, Caroline Mailloux of Solar Sister who spoke with us about keeping our passion close to heart while beginning entrepreneurial adventures.  The Entrepreneurs in Training participated in a Survey Walk, strolling the neighborhood and talking to local business owners.  They created their own questions to ask and enjoyed a truly inspiring learning experience.


Day 3:  Market Research and Mission Statements with Ian So of Chicken and Rice Guys and Dan Silverburg of MacMillan New Ventures

         The kids began market research, learned about determining a target audience and marketing strategies.  Ian So of the Chicken and Rice Guys ran a real-time marketing contest during his presentation to demonstrate the power of social media when targeting his audience.  He talked with the kids about getting started and overcoming obstacles that each entrepreneur will likely face.  Dan Silverburg of MacMillan New Ventures presented on the importance of market research and led the kids through an interactive focus group session, explaining how he uses this process during his work and how it can apply to their projects as well.


Day 5- Business Outlines, Resilience and Determination with Grace Young of Joel Sartore Photography

                Continuing with our Business Outlines, many of the kids were ready to begin reaching out to potential partners and prepping for their first business meetings!  The kids learned about business communication strategies and how to speak so others will listen.  They practiced pitching and received critiquing from the Dolphin Tank- a friendly, yet critical group of teachers who helped them to improve their communication skills.  Grace Young from Joel Sartore Photography spoke with us about photographing endangered species and the resilience and determination it takes to run a business.



Day 7:  Social Media and Business Communication with Gillian Pressman of Generation Citizen 

                The kids continued learning about significant elements of entrepreneurship, marketing and social media and business communications.  Gillian Pressman of Generation Citizen presented on presenting with an emphasis on the Ask.  



 Day 9:  Presentations and Pitching Liora Beer of Fairmount Innovation Lab

 Kids created their business cards, finalized their presentations and rehearsed.  Liora Beer of the Fairmount Innovation Lab hosted the kids and helped them prepare for expo day!  The kids received helpful feedback to help them perfect their presentations.

View the videos below for an example of a superb final presentation!


Day 2:  Project Determination

                Time to turn those passions into action!  Many of the kids had a theme in mind (such as working with kids or animals), but now came the challenge of narrowing that broad theme into a specific project idea.  A few of the kids took on leadership roles to guide the group through an activity called the Cycle of Injustice, where they determined the best impact point for each theme of work and began designing projects.  Keeping their passions in mind, they created and began outlining project ideas.



Day 4:  Project Outlines with Laura Pople of Seers Farms and Bob Hornsby of JOBOMAX Global

                Kids took their market research and began analyzing to determine the resources needed, potential partnerships and what their next steps should be.  Following a guide, each student needed to take ownership of their projects and set goals.  Practicing the concept of reciprocation, we headed to the Chicken and Rice truck for lunch!  Laura Popple of Seers Farms spoke to us about her animal shelter and the path she took to entrepreneurship and Bob Hornsby led a break-out session, guiding some kids through the ins and outs of business in African communities.



Day 6- Communication Workshop with Jeff Sorensen of OptiMize

             Our group participated in a fabulous workshop focusing on persuasive communication, led by Jeff Sorensen of OptiMize.  Kids learned the best strategies for communication that can be applied to their every-day lives and their lives as Entrepreneurs in Training.  Kids practiced pitching using the communication strategies and again, braved the Dolphin Tank!




Day 8:  PowerPoints and Business Cards Aminata Bangura from Amina’s Community Health Center Center Inc. ,

Kids created PowerPoints about their projects, created business cards and had an inspiring and informative session with Amina Bangura of Amina’s Community Health Center Inc. who provides high quality health care to communities in Sierra Leone.




Day 10:  Presentation Expo!  For an audience of community members, local business owners, educators and families, the kids shared their formal presentations.