Our Team


Michelle Julet, Founder, has worked throughout the world developing educational materials and business opportunities for National Geographic Learning and other organizations. She has years of executive leadership experience in educational technology at both large corporations and start-ups.  

Michelle was profoundly affected by kids she has seen -- some from very poor backgrounds -- who place a high value on education and strive to learn, despite their meager surroundings.  On the other hand, she has been amazed at the educational and entrepreneurial opportunities that cutting-edge technology affords.  

She considers herself fortunate to have met many people who have made it their job to change the world -- from the youngest person to fly solo around the world, to a man who photographs animals on the verge of extinction, to people building homes in Africa and creating foster care for pets.    Each one can identify the moment in their life when they found their passion - usually from meeting someone who inspired them and made them feel like they could do it.   What consistently struck her is how great a role determination and grit play in achieving success, especially in a global economy.  

Her experiences -- and being a mother -- led her to start The Business of Doing Good:  “I wanted to instill in my daughter the hunger of entrepreneurship – in the context of social issues and helping save the world – and solve problems in a global economy. I wanted her to have the privilege of knowing entrepreneurs who are changing the world, and to feel empowered to be an entrepreneur herself.  I could not find a program for her, so I created The Business of Doing Good for her and the many other kids like her.”


Tim Julet, Co-Founder, is an educational technology and publishing professional with experience in content development, acquisitions, and sales. Tim has worked for major companies such as McGraw-Hill Higher Education, Taylor & Francis, and Staywell.  His mission has been to help teachers teach and students learn by developing meaningful and useful digital products, content, and books.  He co-founded The Business of Doing Good because it helps kids think creatively and strategically, and market themselves and their ideas – while doing good things for the world.


Roccie Hill, Board Member, is a nonprofit leadership professional with over 25 years of experience in executive and fundraising management. She is past Chair of the California Association of Nonprofits Policy Council, and is an internationally recognized fundraiser. She is a member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals.  She has worked with large and small nonprofits in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, and Indonesia. She served as an Executive Director for over 15 years at the Housing Trust of Santa Clara County, Earth Share of California and the LSB Leakey Foundation.


Heather B. Cheney, J.D., Heather is a Senior Wealth Strategist at BNY Mellon Wealth Management in Boston, MA. She works with high net worth families and successful entrepreneurs to develop strategies to transfer family legacies in a tax-efficient manner. She has served as a Trustee of family and charitable trusts, and previously was a Trusts & Estates lawyer at a large international law firm. She is a graduate of Boston College Law School and Middlebury College. 

Being involved with successful entrepreneurs in her professional life, Heather was intrigued to learn about The Business of Doing Good's summer program for kids. In 2016 she enrolled her then 10-year-old daughter in the program and was amazed to witness the creation of a fashion company, BirdSkirts, which designed, sewed, and sold colorful skirts, with all profits being donated to animal rescue efforts. After seeing first-hand the power of the BODOG curriculum to teach children business skills, Heather joined the Board of BODOG to support our mission of teaching children they can make the world a better place by following their passions and harnessing the entrepreneurial spirit.


Nate A. Bronstein, M.S.Ed., M.S.S.P., M.P.A., is a former teacher from North Philadelphia; he earned his Masters in Education, Public Administration and the Science of Social Policy respectively from the University of Pennsylvania. Nate has extensive experience as a consultant on statewide policy initiatives as well as political campaign strategy and management. He has spent the last three years working as both the Co-Founder and CEO of one DC-based startup and one Philadelphia-based startup working to solve inefficiencies in how people connect, organize and manage their resources. Nate has extensive experience in the social good startup space having successfully launched a startup and consulted on several others, as well as having actively participated in 19 different accelerators and incubators. Nate has written for the Chronicle of Social Change and is currently serving on the board of Philadelphia's oldest and largest music school. He is a Philadelphia native and has a long history of youth civic engagement having become a Truman Finalist, the campaign manager of a political campaign and the student body president of American University in 2011.  Currently Nate serves as the CEO of the inventory and asset management based Ed Tech company, SmartTrack as well as the US director of the Social Innovations Journal.  The connections with Ed Tech and the Future of Learning plus his interest in instilling the spirit of entrepreneurship in children is what got Nate involved in the Business of Doing Good.


Lisa  Finkelstein has over 30 years of experience driving measurable business impact, advising executive leadership navigating transformation, developing innovative solutions to complex business challenges and creating assets to redesign organizations for growth.  She is globally recognized as an industry leader and has provided her insights to Harvard Business Publishing on Leading in Times of Crisis, Driving Change, Breaking Decision-Making Bottlenecks, and Foundations of Great Teamwork.  She has presented at conferences on Human Capital Strategy, Leadership, and I&D as a Business Accelerator. Lisa received her MBA from The Wharton School.

Our Teachers


Brianne Connelly will be teaching at our Boston program. She is originally from Oshkosh, Wisconsin. She has spent the past 10 years in rural Arkansas and Mississippi as a middle school Art teacher and manager of a nonprofit youth after school and summer program.

Brianne is currently a graduate student in Sustainable International Development at Brandeis University. She chose to become involved with BODOG because she wanted to expand her involvement in youth programs in the Boston area. Brianne says, "I especially like that the students focus on not just creating any business, but one that makes their community better. I look forward to working with you!"


Marvin Vilma will be teaching at our Boston and Philadelphia Program. He is an educator and entrepreneur who is passionate about helping students maximize their potential. His interest in education stems from personal experiences, witnessing the disparities in academic experiences across New York City. However, his interest really began to blossom in the classroom as a teaching fellow at Breakthrough Collaborative New York and as an instructor at EXPLO Wellesley. He taught various subjects including economics, animal science and literature. Marvin loved being in the classroom, particularly the challenge of maximizing student learning in a fun and engaging way.

However, he also caught the entrepreneurship bug after participating in an incubator program at Colgate called Thought Into Action. Marvin started a small business called pruie production, providing event planning services to small non-profit organizations. He ended up running that business for almost 5 years, building an entrepreneurial mindset that turned him into a better educator. He realized that innovation and creativity were so frequently used by teachers and school leaders who have to produce quality work with limited resources. Marvin plans to share this way of thinking with students and educators everywhere. In fact, he plans on founding his own school one day that is based on entrepreneurship education!

Our Intern


Gianna Colantuono is the intern for our Philadelphia program. She is a sophomore at Temple University, studying Community Development. Gianna is also an artist, who hopes use her creativity, love for innovation, and aspirations to spark change as a base for her career goals. She strives to one day be a social entrepreneur who can give back to her city. This is why she was originally interested in BODOG: because it is a unique program showing how entrepreneurship could positively impact the community and how important it is to foster these traits from the time children are young.