Kids, do you want to:

               •  Meet people who are changing the world and find out how they are doing it?

               •  Meet entrepreneurs from your neighborhood and from around the world?        

               •  Develop the skills to become a social entrepreneur yourself?

If so, you will love our program because:

     •  You will learn about many creators, such as an African boy who found an ingenious way to ward off lions at night; a man who photographs animals on the verge of extinction; a girl who helped create foster care for pets, and more! 

  •  You will meet real-life adventurers and explorers who made it their job to change the world -– and overcame obstacles to make their dreams into reality, including the youngest man who flew around the world.  

   •   You will learn how to present, pitch, and market your ideas

   •   You will learn how to fund and make money with your idea

   •   You will use technology to connect, including Skype and social media

By the end of the week program you will have your own entrepreneur network and your personal field guide to set you on your path to becoming a social entrepreneur.

             And you will learn all of this from real life Social Entrepreneurs!

(From left to right) 1. SmartyPal is all about making learning enjoyable through the power of technology! Co-founder and CEO Keith Gornish explained how this platform is perfect for people of all age levels, across many subjects! 2. Rec Philly, founded by David Silver, focuses on creating spaces for Philadelphia artists to meet and practice their art. It is also a platform to help find jobs! 3. Wise Ape tea is a tea company that was started by Joe Scola to help his sick father. He has since created a business out of it and donates 10% of the profits to brain cancer.

Our Process:


                        Phase 1:  Idea Generation and Exposure

                        Phase 2:  Project Determination and Market Research

                        Phase 3:  Resilience and Determination

                        Phase 4:  Creating Business Plans

                        Phase 5:  Social Media and Funding

                        Phase 6:  Presentations and Pitching

The Business of Doing Good allows each participant to choose a project that is important to him or her.

What is your passion?  

How will you change the world?

Projects and themes can come from the list below or from a unique idea that your child may already have.

Animal Rights and Protection        Access to Medical Care                 Bullying Prevention

Clean Water Supply                             Climate Change                                  Disaster Relief

Education, Literacy                             Environmental Protection          Food and Drug Safety

Homelessness                                         Human Rights                                      Hunger

Immigration                                             Learning Disabilities                       Minority Rights

Poverty                                                        Race Issues                                             Religious Freedom

Technology                                               Unemployment                                   Women's Rights