Lucas is the Founder and CEO of Dinner in Five. Dinner in Five is geared towards parents who aren’t able to cook wholesome dinners for the kids after a long day at work. Did you know that in America over one third of kids have fast food everyday? Lucas wants to combat this by providing meal boxes that contain five ingredients, easy to cook and healthy for everyone! Lucas also wishes to embark on a one to one partnership with food pantries: for every box he sells, he donates one as well. His next step is to figure out how to source his ingredients and finding customers. Go Lucas!

Keith is the founder and CEO of  "Food For All".  Food For All looks to turn fast food dining into something greater, part of  the price you pay is donated to help provide food for the poor and homeless.  Keith hopes that people will feel a sense of pride within the community as each and every purchase helps to give back. Go Keith!

"Just For You Cupcakes" is a company that looks to make tasty cakes for those who are allergic to gluten or peanuts and tree nuts.  They want to make sure that every kid gets a chance to enjoy their tasty treats. Nice job girls!