Kids’ Projects: Sports

Gear for Games

Keziah is the Founder and CEO of Gear for Games. Gear for Games focuses on helping young, inner-city athletes who cannot pay for equipment and other sport-related expenses. Her goal? To give these aspiring athletes a chance to play.

Keziah brings up two pressing statistics:

  • More than 70% of kids quit their sport by the age of 13

  • Only 0.7% of kids receive sports-related college scholarships.

As Keziah points out, receiving equipment and funds motivates kids to do well. She aims to connect with individuals and corporations involved in athletics to help her access to the resources her business needs.

Basketball Camp

Khyzae wants to use basketball as a positive force, helping to keep kids off the streets and away from unproductive and potentially dangerous activities.

Click through this slideshow to see Khyzae’s presentation.

Girls Play Philly

Young women are often less involved in sports activities than their male counterparts. Maggie’s business, Girls Play Philly, is an after-school program designed to teach girls about sports and encourage their passion for athletics.