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Brianne Connelly will be teaching at our Boston program! She is originally from Oshkosh, Wisconsin. She has spent the past 10 years in rural Arkansas and Mississippi as a middle school Art teacher and manager of a nonprofit youth after school and summer program. Brianne is currently a graduate student in Sustainable International Development at Brandeis University. She chose to become involved with BODOG because she wanted to expand her involvement in youth programs in the Boston area. Brianne says: " I especially likes that the students focus on not just creating any business, but one that makes their community better. I look forward to working with you!"



Marvin Vilma will be teaching at our Boston and Philadelphia Program! He is an educator and entrepreneur who is passionate about helping students maximize their potential. His interest in education stems from personal experiences, witnessing the disparities in academic experiences across New York City. However, his interest really began to blossom in the classroom as a teaching fellow at Breakthrough Collaborative New York and as an instructor at EXPLO Wellesley. He taught various subjects including economics, animal science and literature. Marvin loved being in the classroom, particularly the challenge of maximizing student learning in a fun and engaging way.

However, he also caught the entrepreneurship bug after participating in an incubator program at Colgate called Thought Into Action. Marvin started a small business called pruie production, providing event planning services to small non-profit organizations. He ended up running that business for almost 5 years, building an entrepreneurial mindset that turned him into a better educator. He realized that innovation and creativity were so frequently used by teachers and school leaders who have to produce quality work with limited resources. Marvin plans to share this way of thinking with students and educators everywhere. In fact, he plans on founding his own school one day that is based on entrepreneurship education!




Gianna Colantuono is the intern for our Philadelphia program! She is a sophomore at Temple University studying Community Development. Gianna is also an artist, who hopes use her creativity, love for innovation, and aspirations to spark change as a base for her career goals. She strives to one day be a social entrepreneur who can give back to her city. This is why she was originally interested in BODOG: because it is a unique program showing how entrepreneurship could positively impact the community and how important it is to foster these traits from the time children are young.


Ethan Wong is the intern for our Boston Program! He is from Framingham Massachusetts. Currently studying marketing at Johnson and Wales in Providence Rhode Island he hopes to apply what he has learned in the classroom to help develop The Business Of Doing Good."